Using MacPorts to Install CPAN Modules Not Included in the Ports System

Super simple instructions to create a Portfile from scratch. In this example, we’ll create one for “WWW::Mechanize::Cached”:

# Create a directory to store your Portfiles mkdir ~/MacPorts/ # Change directory cd ~/MacPorts/ # Get the “cpan2port” script used to create Portfiles curl > cpan2port # Set the executable permissions on the script chmod 755 cpan2port # Create the Portfile for the “WWW::Mechanize::Cached” module sudo ./cpan2port -t WWW::Mechanize::Cached; # Change directory to the new port cd perl/p5-www-mechanize-cached/ # Build the port (and dependencies) sudo port build # Install the port sudo port install


  1. chimpy says:

    Thank you so much for this. Completely painless and it works perfectly. Thanks!

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