Install the dependencies

{{{yum install pcre-devel perl-Date-Calc perl-HTML-Template perl-Template-Toolkit libxml2-devel}}}

Download the latests source
cd /usr/src/
wget http://swish-e.org/distribution/latest.tar.gz
tar -zvxf latest.tar.gz
rm -f latest.tar.gz

Make the RPM tar
./configure –enable-incremental
make dist

Copy the resulting tarball to RPM’s redhat/SOURCES directory

cp *.tar.gz /usr/src/redhat/SOURCES
cp rpm/swish-e.xpm /usr/src/redhat/SOURCES
Build the RPM

{{{rpmbuild -ba rpm/swish-e.spec}}}

Install the new sources

{{{rpm -Uvh /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/i386/swish*}}}

2 thoughts on “Swish-e RPM HOWTO

  1. Thanks by your HowTo… I was able to generate my own RPMs!
    But I have some problems:
    1) I´m trying to use -u -N as parameter to index… so I could just process a bunch of new files and update index (SOOO MANY .doc/.pdf files … trying to avoid to reindex all every time… client it´s a lawyer!)

    But even whit latest version available:
    version: 2.5.8
    docs: http://swish-e.org
    Scripts and Modules at: (libexecdir) = /usr/libexec/swish-e

    I have this error: (sorry being root!)
    [root@lobo swish-e-2.5.8-2010-10-13]# swish-e -c /usr/libexec/swish-e/jader.cfg -S prog -u -N
    err: Must compile swish-e with –enable-incremental to use -u option

    BTW I have done as your HowTo about to include –enable-incremental on configure!

    Any idea ?

    2) I´d like to index OpenOffice docs (odt) and was unable to find out a filter to them… am I blind ?

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