Disputing Credit Card Charges

Recently, I learned how broken the dispute resolution process is with Bank of America. I asked them to send me the receipts for 5 recent charges from the same Mexican Food place across the street from me. I love Mexican food, but there’s no way I could have eaten 5 meals in a row from this place (esp when I wasn’t even working from home that week), so something was awry.

Herein lies the rub. If they send me the receipts (which include signatures), I can no longer dispute the charges because now I’m in possession of the sales receipts. Even if the signatures on the receipts clearly show an invalid signature, I have forgone the ability to issue a charge back. I asked the customer support if they could visually verify that the 5 signatures closely matched all my other signatures, but that was impossible. They didn’t have the ability to view the receipts.

I find this totally absurd. Granted, using a signature as a form authorization is incredibly fallible, the fact that it’s not even relevant when disputing a charge, raises the question why do we even need to sign the receipt at all? The back of my credit card is not signed, so that means that they would have been required to view a valid form of identification, which obviously wasn’t the case and is rarely ever the case. I suppose it’s all a moot point. BofA reversed the charges regardless, which was nice of them. I would have just preferred a more thorough process.

3 thoughts on “Disputing Credit Card Charges

  1. this is hilarious. glad to hear you got your money back =)
    what a good trick, don't sign the back of the card so it is more likely that vendors ask for id. i live in norway and was on vacation in the US 2 weeks ago and stores asked me EVERY time for additional id even though my signature was on my visa card.

  2. Bank of America is one of the few companies on my blacklist they STOLE thousands of dollars in cash from me and my wife, and did not give it back for over 90 days, treating us like criminals in the mean time. Stop doing business with them, please.

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