I’m an active software developer, technical evangilist, entrepreneur and infrastructure engineer. Over the years I’ve founded three companies and helped numerous startups launch their products on AWS/EC2 since inception. As a┬áhardcore technologist with over 16 years of experience I’ve worn many hats, which has given me a holistic view of the entire product development cycle.

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  1. I was doing a curiosity search in whois to see who had the other Osterman domains. I am also Swedish ancestry, 3rd generation. My understanding is that even in Sweden, Osterman is an unusual surname.

    My grandparents Nils Arvid Nilsson and Lina Pehrsson left Fide on Gotland in the late 1800s. After my grandfather came to America he worked on his uncle's, Charles Osterman, ranch in Laramie. WY and changed his name to Osterman. "Everybody around Laramie knew the Ostermans and nobody had ever heard of a guy named Nilsson. There are still a bunch of Ostermans around Laramie.

    Any chance we are distant relatives? I and most of my generation are in the Seattle area. Lots of engineers and other techno geeks.

    Dale Osterman

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